Hi. I’m Lizz. 2018-12-13T23:13:03+00:00

Hi. I’m Lizz.

It’s nice to cybermeet you.


Pardon the proverbial dust, this is currently being redesigned and reconfigured…

I promise to attend to my vanity site when I get the chance to think about myself a lot more than I would feel comfortable in doing and finish projects for my clients…

But if you are looking for what I do, visit my LinkedIn and Behance for an idea. I’m a coder and designer and content type who knows agile and data management tools really well and loves helping getting ideas and projects off the ground. My background is in media and B2B digital product development, usually for super esoteric IT healthcare kinds of things. I also do e-commerce and retail and branding websites, apps and apps. It’s somewhere in that world of development, design, marketing, content, code, tests, reports, keywords, graphs, research, charts, data, file merges, processes, taxonomy, flows, A/B, QA, UAT, SDLC/ADLC, SEO, SEM, UX/IX, CMS, CRM, up, down, up, down, L, R, L, R, B, A, B, A, start…

Honestly, it’s probably easier to just email me at webmail@lizzwestman.net.





Photographs & Kittens

For fun, I take photos of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest and my cat. If you’re here for that, my arty shots are on my Instagram (because that is what you are expected to do with photos in this day and age).

And if you’re here because you are looking for Lil’ Bandit, here is a link to his Instagram and a link to his Facebook. (He seems to think he’s kind of a big deal on the internet and who am I to deny a cat some arbitrary fame.)